About Us



Founded in 1979,  we have celebrated our first 40 years of activity. The company was born mainly as a manufacturer of dish drainer specialized in stainless steel processing, with time it evolves its product catalog by expanding its production with dustbins, internal accessories for drawers, special customized projects, and expanding its skills in the use and processing of different materials such as aluminum , profiles, plastic, wood.


Most of our products are developed by our internal technical department, sometimes with the help of external professionals specialized in industrial design. We realize custom projects in collaboration with customers.



Materials are our obsession, we choose with care, test, try, and work them with the utmost attention and passion.


Over the years we have invested heavily in production technology, we consider it essential to ensure correct quality, productivity, and efficiency. We believe it is important not only what we produce but the way we do it.

Tecno 30

Made in Italy

All our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in our factories in Barlassina, in the middle of the Brianza furniture production district. Most of our suppliers are also Italian, as we believe that close collaboration and the right proximity with suppliers can lead to great results.