P-One 60


P-One is the solution presented by Tecnoinox for a door-fitted dustbin.
Thanks to the patented mechanism, opening the kitchen unit door deftly lifts the dustbin lid, ensuring easy access to the large containers for separated waste disposal.
Shutting the door will close the lid flush with the bin rim, while the special gasket under the lid will seal any bad smells inside.

Main product features:
– Exclusive bins closing system;
– Bins made of polyester painted aluminum anti-fingerprint;
– Very large capacity range(from 54 to 108 litres);
– Bag-retainer frame;
– Bin sizes compatible with standard bags on the market;
– System compatible with all the main types of drawer;
– Speedy and problem-free installation and adjustment;
– No wobbling or warping of the door.

It is available in Titanium finishes for drawers with *45, *60 cm. width.

* The dimensions refer to the nominal dimensions of the drawer.